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Primary eye care

Our highly trained
friendly professionals
will care for your eyes.

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Extensive range of
frames and lenses

We will help you get the right
product for your eyecare needs,
your personality and your budget.

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Extensive Frames


Spectacle frames have gone beyond just performing the function of holding lenses. There are all sorts of styles, colours and designs. Frames can be ultra light and minimal, or chunky and standout, soft blend-in colours or knock-your-socks-off bright. We encourage you to come and have a look at our extensive range of frames.

All frames should perform the same function. They are there to hold your lenses securely on your face, in the right position, without causing you discomfort.

We have a wide range of frames available to suit all budgets and styles.


There are a wide range of lens available with variables such as, coatings, sun-protection options and lens thickness. We will discuss the options with you and find the right lens for you.

If there is a need for spectacle lens correction, the optometrist will discuss the different lens options. Single vision lenses are one strength through the whole lens, Bifocal lenses that correct distance vision in the top part of the lens, and near vision in the bottom part of the lens, can become necessary as we get older. A variable focus through a lens (called multifocal or progressive) is the modern way of correcting distance and near vision.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

We fit all types of contact lenses – hard / gas permeable, soft, disposable, coloured, to correct astigmatism (toric) and multifocal. We also do refits – to allow for change in vision, or to find a more suitable or comfortable option.

A contact lens fitting requires an eye examination and then some extra measurements. Trial contact lenses are usually used, to demonstrate how the contact lenses function and feel, and to determine the best choice of contact lens. We then teach you how to handle the lenses, how to put them on your eye and how to remove them. It can take a bit of practice at first, but most people cope much better than they expected. With disposable contact lenses we can often give lenses to be taken home and trialled, before ordering a supply.

Come in and see us for a personal assessment of the type of lens that would suit you best.

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