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Primary eye care

Our highly trained
friendly professionals
will care for your eyes.

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Extensive range of
frames and lenses

We will help you get the right
product for your eyecare needs,
your personality and your budget.

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Eye examinations

Eye examinations

We perform the full range of standard eye health and vision tests.

An eye examination by an optometrist is checking both for vision difficulties and eye problems. Some people are concerned about one thing in particular with their eyes, a lot of people want a general check-up to know if their eyes are healthy and they are seeing as well as they could.

We allow 3/4hr for an eye examination. This allows plenty of time to discuss the reasons for the visit, to check the health of the eyes, check for vision correction, and discuss the findings.

As a result of the eye examination, sometimes further investigations are required – such as checking peripheral vision with a visual field screener. Some people will require spectacles or contact lenses. We will discuss the options and help you decide on the best solution. Some people may need referral onto an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) or to their GP. Sometimes no further action is required, we would then recommend when the next eye examination should be.

Frame repairs and adjustments

Frame repairs and adjustments

If your frames are uncomfortable or broken you probably do not need to replace them. Drop in to see us and we will tell you if we think your frames can be adjusted or repaired.

We have 500 spectacle frames in our display area, there is a wide selection of styles. Because we are an independent practice – not a member of an optical franchise – we are not limited in product choice. If you are seeking a specific frame, we will endeavour to obtain it for you.

Choosing a frame can be daunting. We will help you and give honest advice, to guide you through the process. We will take time and ensure you are happy with your choice.

We can do spectacle adjustments “on the spot”. No appointment is required, and normally there is no charge.

We endeavour to repair if possible. We have a lot of experience in making spectacles wearable again. Bring your damaged spectacles in and let us assess if a repair is possible.

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